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Penn State Atlanta Business & Services Directory

Penn State Atlanta is offering to list your business or professional service in our Penn State Atlanta Business  & Service Directory as a member benefit for any Penn State Alumni Association Atlanta Chapter members in good standing. 



About the Business & Services Directory and how it works:

  • The directory is a electronic publication which lists members of the Penn State Atlanta alumni chapter who wish to promote their services or business

  • The directory is published to the Penn State Atlanta Alumni chapter website and updated on a regular basis

  • The directory may also be distributed via email or PDF and/or printed/distributed in a hard copy at certain chapter events

  • The purpose of the directory is to help drive business patronage to fellow PSU alumni and/or their businesses. For example, without such a business directory alumni currently may use an online search to locate a good attorney, doctor, real estate agent or other service.  Of course, we would prefer our alumni to first consider a qualified fellow Penn Stater!  The directory is also designed to drive membership into our local Atlanta chapter, to attract professionals and to encourage networking/career development. As our research indicates, not all members join for social events, but many join for business and networking reasons as well.

How can I get my business or services published the Business & Services Directory?

  • Member listing in the directory is purely optional, by request, and the directory is maintained by our chapter board

  • If a Penn State Alumni Association Atlanta chapter member is in good standing, he or she may request to be listed in the directory

  • A member's listing in our directory is a member benefit.  The board reserves the right to remove any member from the directory.

  • If a member fails to renew their chapter membership, he/she may be promptly removed from the directory.

  • The membership directory may be distributed to the greater Atlanta area alumni on a periodic basis. The membership directory will also be distributed to recent grads and alumni moving into the Atlanta area.

  • If a member chooses to be listed in the directory, he/she should be willing to have their contact information listed in public and be willing to be contacted from PSU alumni as well as the general public.  By listing yourself and/or business in the our directory,  you are waiving any privacy law rights and should assume all of your information will be in the public domain.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in taking advantage of this member benefit, please email the information below to to apply for listing in the Penn State Atlanta Alumni Business & Services Directory.  We will notify you when your entry has been posted.


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