Board Member Recognition - Patti Clark

This quarter's Officer Appreciation goes to our Diamonds Over Georgia Chair, Patti Clark.

Running the month to month operations of the Penn State Atlanta Alumni Chapter takes quite a lot of time and energy from our leaders. There are many different moving parts involved with any one of our many functions, activities or meetings that we hold every month.
The harder our team works, the more dedicated our team is, the more we can do for the charities, our alumni, friends of Penn State and the kids. It makes it more fun and rewarding for ALL of us.
Patti Clark is Chair for Diamonds Over Georgia, the annual formal event dedicated to raising awareness, involvement and funds towards THON and along with a local charity. Patti takes care of every aspect of planning and running this event from finding venues, determining the menu, finding entertainment, getting amazing auction items, working out pricing, etc. She is seemingly always networking and thinking with this event in mind.
If that weren't enough, we can also find Patti, like many of our Board, working with the other leaders to help assist or lend a hand. She has donated her time and energy to such a point that any President would feel proud to say, the quarterly Penn State Atlanta Alumni Chapter Leader award of recognition goes to PATTI CLARK and provide her with a gift certificate to The Brass Tap ( in Dunwoody. 
A most sincere thank you, Patti, for all you have done and continue to do.
Geoffrey Stephenson
President for the Penn State Atlanta Alumni Association