Smeal Lifelong Learning Webinar - Resilience: It's NOT About Bouncing Back!

Jennifer Eggers '94, Penn State Atlanta Chapter Member, will be speaking on Wednesday, October 23rd on the Smeal Alumni Career Services Webinar. She will be discussing the leadership skills necessary to adapt to disruptive change and setbacks.

If you would like to join Jennifer on the webinar, please CLICK HERE register.
Today's landscape is one of unprecedented disruptive change. With little margin for error, leaders are expected to adapt to change and react to set-backs quickly. Unfortunately, the skills required to tackle these challenges, process quickly, and come back stronger require thinking in ways that are rarely mentioned in leadership programs. Resilience is arguably the most important skill for leaders today and no one is talking about it. Join best-selling author, Penn State Atlanta Chapter Member, Smyrna resident, and founder of LeaderShift Insights, Jennifer Eggers '94 for a conversation about the preparation required to increase both your and your team's resilience before disruption hits. 
Jennifer is the founder of LeaderShift Insights, Inc. The firm works with corporate leadership teams facing disruption who want to increase their capacity to adapt so they can emerge aligned and more effective faster. A professional speaker, coach and consultant, Jennifer is an innovative leadership, talent and organization development executive with a passion for creating insights that drive business results.She is known for facilitating high-stakes meeting with challenging stakeholders. Jennifer is the creator of Rapid OD, a revolutionary aproach to organizational restructuring and her groundbreaking workshops have lead clients to say, "she turns everything you know about corporate training upside-down." he book, co-authored with Cynthia Barlow and titled, "Resilience: It's NOT About Bouncing Back," has a five-star rating on Amazon and is an international best seller.