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Backstage at the BJC

Have you ever wondered what it takes to pull off a big event at the Bryce Jordan Center (BJC)? Join the Penn State Alumni Association as we welcome Chad Swires, Production Manager for the BJC, and get a behind the scenes look at a typical concert day. The day starts with the crew marking out the floor and planning the layout, which takes 5-8 hours to build, depending on the size of the show and number of bands. After the concert, the crew immediately gets back to work, and typically completes the tear down in under 4 hours. Tune in to see all that goes into a day's work at the BJC!

Chad Swires graduated with a BFA in Theater Design & Production from Penn State in 2006. Upon graduating, he worked for Production Resource Group as an account executive, managing lighting rentals for Broadway shows and national tours. In 2011, Chad accepted a position as a production supervisor with the Center for the Performing Arts, ultimately transitioning to his current role as production manager at the Bryce Jordan Center, a position he has held for the last six years.

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