Five Habits Of Highly Effective Job Seekers

When author Stephen Covey wrote his best-selling book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, he provided a roadmap for increasing one's effectiveness in any area of life, from home to the workplace. As a fan of Covey’s book, and as a career transition consultant, one of the questions Terry Seamon has been helping clients with is: What do highly effective job hunters do? Inspired by Covey, this presentation will look at the five habits (plus one more) of highly effective job seekers.

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In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Focus their search Position and present themselves as a solution
  • Utilize their resources—especially relationships and time—most effectively

Terry Seamon's Bio:

As an Executive Career Transition Consultant with The Ayers Group since 2009, Terry Seamon helps professionals and executives as they make their way through the career transition process toward their career goals.

Terry’s approach is to focus on each person, tailoring the process to fit their needs and objectives. As he guides them through the challenges of job search and career change, Terry supports them with customized tools and strategies. His goal is to help them to quickly galvanize into action and thereby accelerate their searches.

In addition to working with individuals, Terry also gives presentations on job search topics to professional networking groups.

An active writer, Terry writes articles on many aspects of the career transition process such as networking, interviewing, and personal branding, publishing them frequently on his blog (Here We Are. Now What? as well as on LinkedIn where he is an active user of the networking platform.

Before becoming a career coach, Terry was a human resources training and development professional for many years in the corporate world, specializing in leadership and management development, team building, corporate communication and culture, diversity and inclusion, as well as organization change and development.

Terry holds a BA in Human Communication from Rutgers University and a Masters degree in Education from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

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